Nancy Bates, Prayer Ministry Leader

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 1prayer \ 'pre(ə)r, \n. {Gk: "proseuche"} 1a. the key to a personal relationship with God, b. an expression of faith that He hears and He answers 2a. dialog between I AM and His children, b. a place of humility and reverence, c. God's Glory revealed

2prayer \ 'pre(ə)r, \n. {Heb: Tefilah} 1a. in the presence of God, 2. a conquering over mortal earth into the presence of the eternal Father, 3. dependence on God to meet our needs, a. the most important of all languages.

There are several places to serve in this ministry:

  • Friendship Pad Prayer Team - this team prays over the prayer requests from the Sunday Friendship pad

  • 911 Send - These are prayer requests that are sent out via texts on cell phones

  • Woman-2-Woman, Step by Step - mentoring for women led by Nancy Bates

  • Prayer group for our President and country

  • Altar Ministry - Led by Linda Welch

Depending on the need, FCF will:

  • hold prayer vigils

  • have special prayer meetings for whatever the need

  • designate specific prayer targets

FCF participates in the National Day of Prayer