Tim and Cheryl Giese

Tim & Cheryl Giese
Forgotten No More, Inc. Isaiah 58:10

We contribute a monthly support for this mission purpose.  In 2014 several lay people went to Ethiopia, taking $20,000 from our missions budget to build a school for the under-privileged children.


In 2008 we travelled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet a joyful 2 year old girl who had become our daughter through adoption. While we were filled with joy and excitement during our time in Ethiopia, we were also heartbroken as we came face to face with the suffering of many precious people in this beautiful country. There are an estimated 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia, a country only twice the size of Texas. It is one thing to read these statistics from our comfortable lives in the US, it is quite another to  "walk through the fields of the fatherless". A desire to do more began growing in our hearts. We started to view our lives with new clarity. God's Word spoke to our hearts with greater intensity as we began to ask God to use our lives to fulfill His purpose.

See www.graceforethiopia.org for more information about Tim, Cheryl, the children and the ministry.

Ray and Becki Neu

Ray & Becki Neu

Our church contributes monthly support to Ray and Becki.  Many of our memers have gone on mission trips to Belize where Ray and Becki ministered for several years.

Rev. Ray Neu has served the Lord for 18 years in youth ministry, both at local churches and as Campus Life Director at Youth For Christ, in Columbus Ohio. He was also outreach/missions pastor in Cape May, New Jersey for 5 years. As Creator & President of Actual Reality, Ray was used by the Lord to lead a multi-faceted team to develop the first CD-Rom for Christians, featuring 26 Christian music artists.  Multimedia development continued as Director of Research and Development for Antioch Interactive, producers of “The Tabernacle” and “Solomon’s Temple.”

He and his wife, Becki, share an intense love for missions, leading teams to 24 countries on 40 different trips. The last 5 years Ray has served as a missionary professor training pastors in Belize, Central America. A Bible teacher at heart, Ray is always searching for the best tools to effectively transfer God’s Word into hearts and souls.

Bible Story Telling has become his favorite way to communicate the transforming messages of God’s Word. Passionate about the effective empowerment of others has led to his latest development: The LEADERS AUDIO BIBLE©, a Bible story based pastoral training course designed for those who prefer to learn by active participatory story telling. More can be learned at any of the following sites:



Ray and Becki have four daughters and six grandchildren.