Karen Blackburn
Associate Pastor

Finding Freedom Ministry is a tool to help Christians find their identity in Christ, to be transformed, equipped and released to walk in their destiny in TOTAL FREEDOM and JOY.  To schedule your 'Freedom Encounter' session with a trained leader or for more information, please call the church office: 614-539-2217.

I cannot express the delight I receive when I see people experience freedom from: addictions, strongholds, demonic activity and influence, “religion”, or abuse of all kinds. Having personally gone through deliverance, I understand the freedom that comes as strongholds and generational sins are broken off - the chains are gone that once held me and I have a peace and freedom that I am not able to put into words.At that point, anyone can find their true identity in Christ and experience an intimate relationship with Him. It is through this transformation they can become equipped to serve others. I believe every Christian would benefit by going through some sort of deliverance.
— Karen